Learning to manage anxiety and depression is not easy. First, mental illness is often called an “invisible” illness because it is hard for the general public to see any issue. If someone has a headache they can drink some water, or take a pill. Unfortunately, it is not that simple when looking at anxiety and depression. Anxiety can take place without depression and vice versa.

Though they are often experienced together. Management can take place in the form of therapy, medication, or exercise. Finding the right way to combat these mental illnesses is up to you, and your health care provider.

There are many different ways to manage depression and anxiety. Finding a method that works for you takes place around a lot of trial and error.  Many people suggest exercise. Since it releases neurotransmitters called endorphins that exist to make you feel better. Although this is scientifically proven it does not make it any easier to carry out. Especially when depression can leave you bedridden. If that is the case, then I definitely recommend consulting a professional. In the mean time try setting small goals for yourself. 20-30 minutes of exercise proves to be beneficial, but a walk down the block is just fine. The key to management is always taking that first step forward.

Another great way to combat anxiety and depression is via hydrotherapy. One of the greatthings about hydrotherapy is that it can take place in the privacy of your own home. Taking a bath is a stellar way to decompress. Throwing in additions like Epsom Salt, and essential oils can also help boost morale. The Epsom Salt will slough away dead skin so that the essential oils can benefit the body. Scents like lavender and bergamot help reduce stress, and quiet the mind. Epsom Salts are also beneficial when taken orally. A magnesium deficiency can lead to symptoms synonymous with anxiety. Epsom Salts can provide the body with a good source of magnesium.

Taking time out of your day to decompress is important. Especially since anxiety and depression take tolls on the body both mentally and physically. Taking the time to make your bath sacred. Light candles, put on music, lock the door. Finding time to escape for even 10 minutes is better than not taking the time at all.