History of Cannabis

In the 17th century, the United States government encouraged people to propagate hemp. Benefits of the plant manifested through domestic products like clothing, bags, and shoes. Hemp was also used to make rope, and other working supplies. During the 19th century cannabis became popular in the medical community. According to a Marijuanna Timeline via PBS, it was even available for purchase in pharmacies.

In 1910 the Mexican Revolution yielded and inundation of immigrants from Mexico into America. Cannabis, was also a part of Mexican culture. Cannabis use was recreational for Mexicans. Except these immigrants called the plant by a different name, marihuana. We know today that cannabis, and marijuana are interchangeable names for the same plant. Media and politics took hold. Although marijuana was a plant that Americans knew well, it became a source of leverage for a negative image on Mexican immigrants.

Fast forward to 1970, when the Controlled Substances Act passed. This act set forth a rank for drugs based on how dangerous and addictive a substance may be. Schedule 1 was the highest rank. A mix of politics, fear, and lack of knowledge caused cannabis to be categorized as Schedule 1. It has remained there ever since. Legalization of cannabis for medical and recreational reasons continues to be an uphill battle.

Going into an election year it will continue to be a popular topic for voters to base candidate decisions on. (Although it should not be the only reason to choose a specific candidate.) It is important to remember that the fight for marijuana  legalization manifests at many levels. While we as a community may be making slow progress on the federal level, there are still the state, and local level to consider. Glacial movement on the federal level is also better than no movement at all, so it is still encouraged.

Talking to your government representatives is a great way to facilitate the legalization of marijuana . After all, America is a democracy. One voice has the power to catalyze positive momentum toward positive change. If you do not know who your representatives are on all three levels, have no fear. You can either head on over to https://www.usa.gov/elected-officialsor use Google to find out. USA.gov holds links that allow access to the names of your representatives. You can call, write, or talk to them in person. If you have no idea how to phrase what you want to say then you can look that up as well. It is also important to remember that contacting your government representative should not be a one time thing. Call, write, or talk to them in person until you are satisfied. They are YOUR elected officials after all. Their job is to represent you as a citizen of America. If you feel your voice, alone, is too small, then there are also organizations that you can join. I would recommend researching which organization fits your needs best before joining one. Together, we can help legalize marijuana  across the United States.


SACRED has two cannabis based lubricants. One is purely oil based, and the other based with silicone. The silicone based lubricant is identical in scent to the oil based lubricant. It differs in appearance slightly due to the addition of silicone. The silicone alters the appearance of the lubricant by adding a more milky hue. The silicone also alters the texture of the lube. In my opinion the over all formula is a little bit heavier than the oil based lubricant. The silicone based lubricant did not feel greasy like some name brand lubricants can. It was silky, and moisturizing. Some lubricants, need additional application during sexual experiences. Which is an inconvenience. This also was not the case with SACRED’s silicone based lubricant. One application was enough, which meant more time for pleasure.

What I especially like about these lubricants is that our ingredients are available online. The oil based lubricant contains organic hybrid cannabis, organic coconut oil, organic castor oil, glycerine, and natural flavors. Oil based lubricants should not be used in conjunction with latex products or toys. The oils used can interfere with the composition of latex and rubber. With that information, an oil based lubricant is good for individual or couple play. It can also be beneficial if you are in a long term relationship, and no longer use condoms. I generally encourage condom use for the prevention of STI’s. Also as a partnered method with birth control to prevent pregnancy. Please talk with your significant other to figure out what works best for you.

The silicone based lubricant contains organic hybrid cannabis, organic fractionated coconut oil, Vitamin E oil, and silicone. Since this lube contains coconut oil, I would recommend using it with non-latex condoms. I would also recommend toys not made of rubber. Additionally, this silicone lube should not be used with other silicone products. There is a possibility of a silicone on silicone reaction which can break down material over time. The good news is that silicone is great for people with sensitive skin. One of the reasons I like silicone lubes is that they are hypoallergenic. Couple this with the fact that SACRED’s lube contains cannabis, which has antibacterial properties. Silicone based lube is also great for water play.

Buy Sacred in Oregon

I have great news readers! If you live in the great state of Oregon, you can now buy SACRED Mind & Body products! Oregon’s state website states that per household as of July 1st, 2015 people who are 21 years of age and up can have up to four plants, eight ounces of usable cannabis, 16 ounces of homemade cannabis products in solid form, and 72 ounces of homemade cannabis product in liquid form. If you are part of Oregon’s Medical Marijuana Program, then those numbers change. Readers interested in finding out more information about Measure 91 can go to Oregon.gov. Use the search bar to look up Recreational Marijuana or Medical Marijuana Dispensary program.

There are currently six dispensaries in Oregon that carry SACRED Mind & Body products. Located along the west side of the state Pacific Green, in Portland, is the northernmost shop. Heading south along Interstate 5, the next shop that houses SACRED products is in Salem. The shop’s title is Cherry City Compassion. Continuing south along Interstate 5 from Salem you can stop in Talent. There are two locations where SACRED is available. One shop is Green Valley Wellness, and the other is Talent Health Club. The last two shops are by the coast of Oregon. They are along the Oregon/California border. If you choose to drive through California, please read up on their laws pertaining to purchasing medical and recreational marijuana. In California, medical marijuana is legalized. Recreational marijuana is not legalized, yet. By brushing up on California laws you can stay safe and informed. Oregonians do not have to go through California though. Both shops are along U.S. Route 101. The city of Brookings, is home to South Coast Dispensaries. Finally, the city of Harbor, houses Banana Belt Safe Access Center.

Oregonians interested in checking out these locations can also look them up on www.weedmaps.com. This website is like a Yelp for medical cannabis businesses. Weedmaps has product information, as well as business hours, and contact details. Clients can also leave reviews of their experiences. We know you will love discovering what SACRED has to offer. If you loved your experience with the products available, then feel free to leave some kind words. We are on Facebook under www.facebook.com/getsacredWord of mouth is also appreciated. So do not forget to tell your friend and family about your experiences with SACRED. You can also contact us through our main website at california.getsacred.com


The cannabinoids in marijuana help make the plant useful in so many different areas. From a medical standpoint, marijuana can provide relief or aid in symptoms to illnesses across the board. Looking back into the history of cannabis provides insight to plant cultivation. Even to this day there is speculation on whether cannabis can help against antibiotic resistance. The legalization of marijuana across the world could give way to an innumerable amount of research. Providing details on information that we have yet to discover. I just read an article on June 23rd, about how the White House is contemplating lifting restrictions on cannabis research. It is so easy to look back and see the many uses for cannabis in ancient Egypt, or across Asia, but it is even better to be able to verify it. For we all know people used to think that the Earth was flat.

Bacteria comes into contact with our bodies daily. From the food we eat to the things we touch. The immune system is in charge of fighting off unwanted visitors, and combating illness. That includes bacterial entry through cavities such as oral, anal, and genital. Preventative measures include washing our hands before engaging in activities, and wearing condoms. These actions provide some protection against diseases, and foreign invasions. The vagina even has its own special environment to protect against infections. Sometimes, this environment manifests too much bacteria, and infections can transpire. Yeast and urinary tract infections occur when too much of a specific bacteria builds up, and multiplies. Since the vagina is a wet, warm ,and dark cavity this is the perfect environment for bacteria to grow. Despite the fact that both of these infections are more common in women they can certainly occur in men as well.

A good sex routine includes washing prone areas before and after intercourse or sexual play. Lubricants infused with cannabis may provide an additional defense against infections. Some cannabinoids, like cannabichromene (CBC) are good at fighting off bacteria and fungus. The University of Mississippi published a study in 1981 that concludes that CBC yields strong antibacterial properties against bacteria like E. coli and Staphylococcus aureus. In 2008, a different study published in the Journal of Natural Products, deduced that all five popular cannabinoids hold potential antibacterial properties. Studies like this could mean that cannabis infused lubricants may provide an extra defense against bacteria. Although some infused lubricants do not work well with latex. Making the condom an obsolete method of birth control or protection against sexually transmitted infections. Always make sure both partners consent, and please do not engage in sexually activities if you do not feel safe.

Experiencing Depression and Anxiety

Learning to manage anxiety and depression is not easy. First, mental illness is often called an “invisible” illness because it is hard for the general public to see any issue. If someone has a headache they can drink some water, or take a pill. Unfortunately, it is not that simple when looking at anxiety and depression. Anxiety can take place without depression and vice versa.

Though they are often experienced together. Management can take place in the form of therapy, medication, or exercise. Finding the right way to combat these mental illnesses is up to you, and your health care provider.

There are many different ways to manage depression and anxiety. Finding a method that works for you takes place around a lot of trial and error.  Many people suggest exercise. Since it releases neurotransmitters called endorphins that exist to make you feel better. Although this is scientifically proven it does not make it any easier to carry out. Especially when depression can leave you bedridden. If that is the case, then I definitely recommend consulting a professional. In the mean time try setting small goals for yourself. 20-30 minutes of exercise proves to be beneficial, but a walk down the block is just fine. The key to management is always taking that first step forward.

Another great way to combat anxiety and depression is via hydrotherapy. One of the greatthings about hydrotherapy is that it can take place in the privacy of your own home. Taking a bath is a stellar way to decompress. Throwing in additions like Epsom Salt, and essential oils can also help boost morale. The Epsom Salt will slough away dead skin so that the essential oils can benefit the body. Scents like lavender and bergamot help reduce stress, and quiet the mind. Epsom Salts are also beneficial when taken orally. A magnesium deficiency can lead to symptoms synonymous with anxiety. Epsom Salts can provide the body with a good source of magnesium.

Taking time out of your day to decompress is important. Especially since anxiety and depression take tolls on the body both mentally and physically. Taking the time to make your bath sacred. Light candles, put on music, lock the door. Finding time to escape for even 10 minutes is better than not taking the time at all.