Sacred Personal Lubricant

Experimenting with a new lubricant can be messy. Not too long ago, I used a name brand lubricant with my significant other that claimed to be natural, but left residue even after clean up. We tried another name brand lubricant that had designated tubes “for her” and “for him”. Unfortunately, we discovered that the “for her” tube left me with an awful burning sensation in my nether regions. Which is a total mood killer. Finding the right lubrication can be difficult, but necessary. For whatever reason, we may not be able to produce all the lubrication required for comfortable intercourse. Our bodies are complex, and at times hard to understand. It is my personal opinion that lube should be your best friend in the bedroom. Other than your significant other, and proper protection, of course. If it is not then perhaps this article can convince you otherwise.

Cannabis infused lube is beneficial for me because I am an anxious person. Anxiety, and its many side effect are part of my daily life, and sometimes that carries over into bedroom activities. More often than not it is hard for me to get in the mood for intercourse with so many thoughts racing through my head. It is especially hard after a tough day because anxiety can be emotionally, physically, and mentally taxing. This is where cannabis typically comes into play. Cannabis allows me to feel like being intimate despite being anxious. It also allows for a more powerful sexual experience all together.

That is why I was so excited to try out Sacred’s oil based lubricant. The lube itself is andark green substance. Similar to olive oil, but a little darker. The aroma out of the container is powerful. It is heavy, smokey, and earthy. The color suits the aroma well. Once applied to my lady bits the aroma was not as strong. At first, I did not feel any different because the oil takes between 15-20 minutes to work its magic after application. The formula’s consistency was pleasing. It was moist enough for proper lubrication, but not sticky like some lubrications can be. I could feel when it started to work. Before application I made note that I was feeling a little bit anxious. I knew when it was working because I felt more relaxed. Overall I felt calmer, and the experience was pleasant. I can say with confidence that it was easy to focus my mind on what was currently happening. Instead of being easily distracted by my surroundings and inner thoughts. My climax was powerful and amazing. It was like easing into a warm well deserved bath. One where the water is just the right temperature. I could feel myself glowing with satisfaction.

I have yet to use this as a massage oil, but cannot wait to do so. As a lubricant I would say that Sacred, nailed it.  What drove my experience home is that the lubrication is easy to clean up. I will definitely be including Sacred in my future sexual experiences.