SACRED has two cannabis based lubricants. One is purely oil based, and the other based with silicone. The silicone based lubricant is identical in scent to the oil based lubricant. It differs in appearance slightly due to the addition of silicone. The silicone alters the appearance of the lubricant by adding a more milky hue. The silicone also alters the texture of the lube. In my opinion the over all formula is a little bit heavier than the oil based lubricant. The silicone based lubricant did not feel greasy like some name brand lubricants can. It was silky, and moisturizing. Some lubricants, need additional application during sexual experiences. Which is an inconvenience. This also was not the case with SACRED’s silicone based lubricant. One application was enough, which meant more time for pleasure.

What I especially like about these lubricants is that our ingredients are available online. The oil based lubricant contains organic hybrid cannabis, organic coconut oil, organic castor oil, glycerine, and natural flavors. Oil based lubricants should not be used in conjunction with latex products or toys. The oils used can interfere with the composition of latex and rubber. With that information, an oil based lubricant is good for individual or couple play. It can also be beneficial if you are in a long term relationship, and no longer use condoms. I generally encourage condom use for the prevention of STI’s. Also as a partnered method with birth control to prevent pregnancy. Please talk with your significant other to figure out what works best for you.

The silicone based lubricant contains organic hybrid cannabis, organic fractionated coconut oil, Vitamin E oil, and silicone. Since this lube contains coconut oil, I would recommend using it with non-latex condoms. I would also recommend toys not made of rubber. Additionally, this silicone lube should not be used with other silicone products. There is a possibility of a silicone on silicone reaction which can break down material over time. The good news is that silicone is great for people with sensitive skin. One of the reasons I like silicone lubes is that they are hypoallergenic. Couple this with the fact that SACRED’s lube contains cannabis, which has antibacterial properties. Silicone based lube is also great for water play.

Buy Sacred in Oregon

I have great news readers! If you live in the great state of Oregon, you can now buy SACRED Mind & Body products! Oregon’s state website states that per household as of July 1st, 2015 people who are 21 years of age and up can have up to four plants, eight ounces of usable cannabis, 16 ounces of homemade cannabis products in solid form, and 72 ounces of homemade cannabis product in liquid form. If you are part of Oregon’s Medical Marijuana Program, then those numbers change. Readers interested in finding out more information about Measure 91 can go to Use the search bar to look up Recreational Marijuana or Medical Marijuana Dispensary program.

There are currently six dispensaries in Oregon that carry SACRED Mind & Body products. Located along the west side of the state Pacific Green, in Portland, is the northernmost shop. Heading south along Interstate 5, the next shop that houses SACRED products is in Salem. The shop’s title is Cherry City Compassion. Continuing south along Interstate 5 from Salem you can stop in Talent. There are two locations where SACRED is available. One shop is Green Valley Wellness, and the other is Talent Health Club. The last two shops are by the coast of Oregon. They are along the Oregon/California border. If you choose to drive through California, please read up on their laws pertaining to purchasing medical and recreational marijuana. In California, medical marijuana is legalized. Recreational marijuana is not legalized, yet. By brushing up on California laws you can stay safe and informed. Oregonians do not have to go through California though. Both shops are along U.S. Route 101. The city of Brookings, is home to South Coast Dispensaries. Finally, the city of Harbor, houses Banana Belt Safe Access Center.

Oregonians interested in checking out these locations can also look them up on This website is like a Yelp for medical cannabis businesses. Weedmaps has product information, as well as business hours, and contact details. Clients can also leave reviews of their experiences. We know you will love discovering what SACRED has to offer. If you loved your experience with the products available, then feel free to leave some kind words. We are on Facebook under of mouth is also appreciated. So do not forget to tell your friend and family about your experiences with SACRED. You can also contact us through our main website at