The cannabinoids in marijuana help make the plant useful in so many different areas. From a medical standpoint, marijuana can provide relief or aid in symptoms to illnesses across the board. Looking back into the history of cannabis provides insight to plant cultivation. Even to this day there is speculation on whether cannabis can help against antibiotic resistance. The legalization of marijuana across the world could give way to an innumerable amount of research. Providing details on information that we have yet to discover. I just read an article on June 23rd, about how the White House is contemplating lifting restrictions on cannabis research. It is so easy to look back and see the many uses for cannabis in ancient Egypt, or across Asia, but it is even better to be able to verify it. For we all know people used to think that the Earth was flat.

Bacteria comes into contact with our bodies daily. From the food we eat to the things we touch. The immune system is in charge of fighting off unwanted visitors, and combating illness. That includes bacterial entry through cavities such as oral, anal, and genital. Preventative measures include washing our hands before engaging in activities, and wearing condoms. These actions provide some protection against diseases, and foreign invasions. The vagina even has its own special environment to protect against infections. Sometimes, this environment manifests too much bacteria, and infections can transpire. Yeast and urinary tract infections occur when too much of a specific bacteria builds up, and multiplies. Since the vagina is a wet, warm ,and dark cavity this is the perfect environment for bacteria to grow. Despite the fact that both of these infections are more common in women they can certainly occur in men as well.

A good sex routine includes washing prone areas before and after intercourse or sexual play. Lubricants infused with cannabis may provide an additional defense against infections. Some cannabinoids, like cannabichromene (CBC) are good at fighting off bacteria and fungus. The University of Mississippi published a study in 1981 that concludes that CBC yields strong antibacterial properties against bacteria like E. coli and Staphylococcus aureus. In 2008, a different study published in the Journal of Natural Products, deduced that all five popular cannabinoids hold potential antibacterial properties. Studies like this could mean that cannabis infused lubricants may provide an extra defense against bacteria. Although some infused lubricants do not work well with latex. Making the condom an obsolete method of birth control or protection against sexually transmitted infections. Always make sure both partners consent, and please do not engage in sexually activities if you do not feel safe.

Experiencing Depression and Anxiety

Learning to manage anxiety and depression is not easy. First, mental illness is often called an “invisible” illness because it is hard for the general public to see any issue. If someone has a headache they can drink some water, or take a pill. Unfortunately, it is not that simple when looking at anxiety and depression. Anxiety can take place without depression and vice versa.

Though they are often experienced together. Management can take place in the form of therapy, medication, or exercise. Finding the right way to combat these mental illnesses is up to you, and your health care provider.

There are many different ways to manage depression and anxiety. Finding a method that works for you takes place around a lot of trial and error.  Many people suggest exercise. Since it releases neurotransmitters called endorphins that exist to make you feel better. Although this is scientifically proven it does not make it any easier to carry out. Especially when depression can leave you bedridden. If that is the case, then I definitely recommend consulting a professional. In the mean time try setting small goals for yourself. 20-30 minutes of exercise proves to be beneficial, but a walk down the block is just fine. The key to management is always taking that first step forward.

Another great way to combat anxiety and depression is via hydrotherapy. One of the greatthings about hydrotherapy is that it can take place in the privacy of your own home. Taking a bath is a stellar way to decompress. Throwing in additions like Epsom Salt, and essential oils can also help boost morale. The Epsom Salt will slough away dead skin so that the essential oils can benefit the body. Scents like lavender and bergamot help reduce stress, and quiet the mind. Epsom Salts are also beneficial when taken orally. A magnesium deficiency can lead to symptoms synonymous with anxiety. Epsom Salts can provide the body with a good source of magnesium.

Taking time out of your day to decompress is important. Especially since anxiety and depression take tolls on the body both mentally and physically. Taking the time to make your bath sacred. Light candles, put on music, lock the door. Finding time to escape for even 10 minutes is better than not taking the time at all.

Consumer Education

Education and brand

I want you to take some time right now, and think about the last three big purchases in your life. Was it a car or house? Was it health insurance or a new appliance? After deciding what your big three are, I want you to think back on how much information you gathered before making that purchase. Did you walk into a dealership and pick out a car because it was your favorite color? I am willing to bet that the answer is no. You dedicated a decent amount of time researching before you made a decision on what to buy. Making a big purchase based on color is not a wise decision because color does not determine functionality. Color does not dictate how well a certain product will preform now, or in a number of years. People research big purchases because it has an impact on quality of life. Purchasing a new or used car without knowing its safety rating or how many miles it has can affect the way a person travels from place to place. These kinds of purchases are “big” for a reason. The implications that take place without the proper research are not worth the risk.

Whether using cannabis for recreation or medication research will help foster a healthy experience. The same kind motivation for research should be applicable towards buying any cannabis product. For example, the indica strain of cannabis tends to produce a body high rather than sativa, which produces more of a mind high. A hybrid can be a mix of an indica and sativa. It can also be a mix of types of indica, or a mix of types of sativas. Someone who is having trouble with insomnia may want to steer clear of picking up sativas. Due to the strain’s tendency to make people feel more active. Granted, just like with any sort of medication, every person has the potential to be different. Your experience may be different that someone else’s. Without the fundamental research on strains there is no foundation to form an educated judgement.

Setting time aside towards education on cannabis products will be beneficial for you as a consumer. It will arm you with knowledge that can better prepare you for buying products. It will also save you time and money in the long run. Executing your own research will provide you with the opportunity to recognize incorrect information. This can be applicable in a retail setting or while learning about cannabis in general. It will open up the door for conversations that can provide you with even more knowledge about cannabis. People are always talking about how knowledge can be powerful. You may even end up teaching someone else a thing or two about something they were struggling with.