SACRED’s Epsom Salt Soak

It is easy to get caught up with all the stress that life throws at us. Whether we like it or not, many of us are creatures of habit. Sometimes the habits that we have perpetuate distress. (Which is the bad kind of stress.) It is hard to stop and think about the ramifications our habits have on our bodies. Some physical ramifications can include sore muscles, fatigue, and sleeplessness. There are also mental setbacks, people can become anxious, irritable, and forgetful. Distress can disrupt our body’s homeostasis, which in turn can make a person feel as if their life is out of sorts. The good news is that we can learn how to cope with stress through self-care. Simple activities like leisure reading, talking a walk, or petting a dog can help raise our bodies happy chemicals. The American Heart Association recommends a satisfying activity, and daily relaxation to combat distress. Yoga is a great way to combine both of these aspects. It’s a physical activity which helps increase endorphins, serotonin, and dopamine. It’s also a mental activity, a lot of yoga focuses on meditation, which helps slow your mind down so you can focus on the present.

Here at SACRED we’ve turned to hydrotherapy for pleasure. All you need is yourself, your bathtub, and your favorite bath product! (Which is obviously SACRED’s Epsom Salt Soak.) Taking a warm or hot bath has many benefits for the mind and body. The warm water helps increase blood circulation throughout the extremities. Which can relieve tension and muscle inflammation. The Epsom Salt Soak contains cannabis so the body is able to receive many of the cannabinoid benefits topically. Which means there is no psychoactive stimulation. Jojoba oil is a carrier oil that can help the rest of the ingredient absorb into your skin. Jojoba oil is closest to your skin’s natural oil (sebum) so it also helps give back moisture to your body.  Sunflower oil is also used for its non-comedogenic properties, which means that it will not clog your pores. Sunflower oil is also a great source for vitamins A, C, and D. We chose to use lavender oil for its healing properties. Lavender can help heal upset skin due to its antibacterial and soothing properties. It is also a popular essential oil that aids in relaxation.

Taking time out to treat yourself is a good way to thank your body and mind for everything that it does for you on a day to day basis. Stress is actually a good way to measure when and if you need to set time aside to decompress. Of course here at SACRED we are firm believers of indulgence. Feel free to set aside 15 minutes every day for relaxation. Light some candles, put on a record, and soak your stress away. If you feel so inclined, don’t be scared to enlist a friend’s help as well. Both of you will be able to enjoy SACRED’s Epsom Salt Soak.

Sacred Sex

Society teaches us that sex should be this magical experience shared with or without someone else. What happens when it’s not? What happens when there seems to be a disconnect between our own bodies? Or when it involves a partner? That can get pretty frustrating. Especially as ladies, sex conversation seems to be a taboo topic. Many women experience trouble when it comes to sex. Whether there’s not enough lubrication, discomfort during intercourse, or not having the desire. Milestones in womanhood also contribute to sexual desires. Menarche, life before/after pregnancy, and menopause are all contributing factors for the female libido. Sometimes, our bodies don’t work the way we want them to. A survey conducted by Massachusetts General Hospital from 2008 revealed that 43% of women experience sexual problems. That specific study included 32,000 women ages 18-100. 12% of those women explained that their sexual issues were significant enough to affect their quality of life. What is significant to one person may not be significant to another person. The important thing to remember is that if you feel an issue you’re going through is significant, then your feelings are valid.

SACRED has two cannabis infused lubricants that can help aid some of these issues. The first one is silicone based which is great for people with sensitive skin. It is also water based, but contains coconut oil which yields antimicrobial properties. In simpler terms, it’s good for keeping your nether regions clean. A study published in the Journal of Medicinal Food claims that coconut oil can help with fighting yeast infections too. This silicone lubricant has vitamin E, which is a great anti-inflammatory. That will help prevent genitalia from becoming red, and swollen.

The second kind of lubricant is oil based. It contains coconut oil, and castor oil. Castor oil is popular in the medical and cosmetic communities because of its antimicrobial, and anti-inflammatory properties. It is also known to reduce muscle pain. The SACRED oil based lubricant can also double as a massage oil. Both of these products contain organic hybrid cannabis. Which contain cannabinoids that can aid the body in many positive ways. Some cannabinoids help relieve pain, muscle tension and anxiety.

**Don’t be afraid to make lubricant part of your bedroom routine. Experimenting around with SACRED can be fun, and can lead to great discoveries.

**If you believe your sexual dysfunction warrants a talk with your doctor then please do so!