All Natural, Cannabis Infused Topicals

From the desk of your friends at Sacred,

Cannabis use has been in the medicinal community a long time. The Chinese seem to be the first culture to document its use, and benefits. The Chinese weren’t the only people to enjoy the use of the cannabis. The Egyptians, Indians, Greeks, and Romans also harvested the plant. Extensive documentation is available dictating the plant’s time line, uses, and properties. Brought over to America in the 1600’s, hemp made its way to the farms of both George Washington and Thomas Jefferson. Cannabis has benefits not only in the medical world, but the agricultural world too.

Cannabinoids, are chemical properties in the cannabis plant. These cannabinoids are the primary reason why the marijuana plant is so beneficial. The most popular cannabinoid is tetrahydrocannabinol also known as THC. Cannabinoids may be similar in chemical composition, but differ in the ways they impact the body. For example, THC is beneficial for people with Glaucoma because it helps alleviate eye pressure. THC also reduces nausea and increases appetite. In the medical world there is a substance called Marinol. This is a manmade version of THC that’s useful for suppressing nausea and increasing appetite without the psychoactive affect. The other popular cannabinoid is cannabidiol or CBD. This property of cannabis aids in a vast majority of treating ailments. For example, some of the afflictions that CBD is useful for are as, an anti-inflammatory, anti-depressant, and anti-psychotic. CBD also carries antibacterial properties.

Cannabinoids are great because they are multifaceted. They reach a wide range of conditions, and can be beneficial whether ingested orally or topically. The information above is why products like the SACRED Massage Oil are so beneficial. The organic hybrid cannabis oil helps with an array of internal and external issues within the body. This massage oil is particularly receptive to the body since jojoba oil is closest to your skin’s natural oil secretion. Jojoba oils acts as a carrier to help the ingredients absorb into your skin. The meadow-foam acts like a barrier to lock moisture in and keep dryness out. The rose oil helps reduce redness and irritation on the skin. While the jasmine may act as an aphrodisiac. The SACRED Massage Oil is great for dealing with independent issues. Although, the potential for excellence increases when you enlist someone else’s help.